Why Budapest?

As an artist who lives and works in London, so far away from Japan, I felt helpless when witnessing the disaster unfolding on the internet/TV. With my own family and relatives directly involved in this catastrophe, I just needed to do something. And yet, faced with the enormity of the tragedy, a question sprang to mind. What could a mere individual artist do? I cannot give a large amount of money nor do I have useful skills to rescue people.

I am due to have a holiday break in Budapest in April. But at the moment, taking a holiday is unthinkable when so many of my people are suffering. I was about to rip up the ticket and throw it in a bin, when I had the idea to exchange my artwork for something to help relief work in Japan.

I have called my friend, Nannete Vinson from Drawing Room Hungary to see if she might be able to help. I cannot believe how immediate and heartfelt the responses have been.

I know our effort is literally a drop in the ocean, just as helpless as the image of a helicopter spraying a bucket full of water on nuclear reactors, which are spiralling out of control. However we have to do something now! I pray that it might at least communicate to the people in Japan that the rest of the world empathises with their pain and that they are not alone.

So Budapest is a very special destination and also a starting point.

祖国の惨状を,日本から遠いロンドンにあって、ネットやテレビのニュース上で見ながら、何もする事ができず、居てもたってもいられない日々を送っていました。ただ、一概のアーチストに何ができると言う、焦燥感のなかで、もともと仕事もかねて旅行に行く事になっていた、ハンガリーのブダペスト行きのチケットを こんな事態では旅行どころではないと、ゴミ箱の傍らで処分しよう、と考えていたとき、貧乏アーチストがゆえに、寄付もろくろく出来ぬ立場だけれど、作品だけはあるわけで、それをなんとか有意義な物資や人材に還元できないかと言うアイデアが浮かびました。