Fukushima = 168 Hiroshima Bombs

http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/science/news/20110829-OYT1T01205.htm?from=main5 http://search.independent.co.uk/topic/radiation-fukushima

The Japanese government has very quietly announced that the Fukushima situation is more serious than previously let out, possibly even worse than Chernobyl. I have read a shocking article stating that the caesium 137 released from Fukushima was equivalent to 168 Hiroshima Bombs. And yet the article was small, and matter of fact. Most worringly, I have not heard many reactions to this major news from any friends or family currently living in Japan. 

Though the consequences of this information will inevitably, in the long run, be grave, unlike the Hiroshima Bomb, or even the Tsunami of 11th march, the Fukushima nuclear crisis has not been regarded as a news worthy spectacle.