Project for Fukushima  Scree

You may recall the horror witnessed in 2011 of the Japanese tsunami and nuclear fallout disaster seen all over the TV and worldwide web. 3 years after, the media has since moved on. However, though largely ignored by the press, the Fukushima situation is far from over, affecting many areas in Japan as well as the Pacific. Some researchers have gone as far as to speculate that the situation in Fukushima may even be more severe than that of Chernobyl. And yet, we must ask, if the situation is so grave, why do we simply not hear about it?

We are holding an event to profile the issue and how we as artists can open up much needed discourse through Art Action UK- Project for Fukushima :UK Residency 2014.
27th February, 6:30-8:30pm. Café Eterno, 34 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9PS.

The event includes the screening of footage from Respite Residency 2012/2013, a live link with Japan, art exhibition, raffle, performance, drinks and nibbles.

Art Action UK- Project for Fukushima is now in its third year. In 2011, soon after the disaster, Dr. MOURI (a prominent art critic and social commentator based in Tokyo), Kaori Homma(artist) and Meryl Doney(curator/director of Wall Space) established an artist led initiative, Art Action to invite emerging artists linked with Fukushima to carry out residency projects in UK. So far Art Action UK, with support from ACG and Morphe Arts, has delivered two residencies accompanying various events including exhibitions, performances, film screenings, panel discussions joined by the Turner Prize nominee The Otolith Group. Art Action UK- for Fukushima triggered a good volume of twitter traffic among the cultural sector in Japan,and our events were covered by media such as Kyodo News, York Times and NHK radio. 

We believe that as individual artists we can question the given and as a collective we can break the silence. We hope you can come and join us.