Komori and Seo are here to bring the voices from affected areas

As a young emerging artist duo, Komori + Seo  has been working in Rikuzen Takata in Tohoku area hardest hit by 2011 Tsunami. Over 2000 People lost their lives in this provincial city with population of 15,000. The entire town structure was devastated by 70 feet high Tsunami, while Fukushima Nuclear Fallout which followed the Tsunami still continues to threaten the livelihood of the people.

photo by Takehiko Murakami

The artists duo moved to this city immediately after the disaster, and now live and work amongst the victims which gives them a very special access to the local people’s raw perspectives. Komori and Seo’s works are accumulation of documentation and the reflections from this rare vantage point. 

2014 Residency Artists Duo Arrived

Our 2014 Residency Artists Duo Komori and Seo arrived to UK from Tohoku, Rikuzen Takada, one of the area hardest hit by 2011 Tsunami in Japan. Nearly 2000 people lost lives in this city with population of 15,000, and entire town structure was devastated. Fukushima Nuclear Fallout Disaster which followed this physical devastation still continues to damage the local fishing industry.
Komori and Seo moved to the area immediately after the disaster and now live and work amongst the victims of the Disaster while documenting and archiving the local people's voices while also keeping reflective log on their own observations in their Blog.

During this residency we are hoping to share Komori and Seo's rare perspectives through Art Exhibitions, Talk Events, Open Studio and workshop sessions.
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