Are things getting better? Well, actually… No.

I have been touched by the amount of concern expressed by people around me, here in London. But are things getting better in Japan?
As the media has moved on swiftly, from the initial 24/7 coverage in Japan, the general perception is that Japan, as one of the richest and most technologically advanced countries, should be able to deal with the situation with ease.
However, even 3 weeks after the natural disaster, my relatives in Sendai are still struggling to get the most basic of supplies. Meanwhile the crisis at Fukushima nuclear plant seems to be getting worse by the day. The Japanese Government has issued a warning that they are on “maximum alert level” , with the potential of an extension on the exclusion zone. As my aunt’s house is only 40km from the plant if this measure is taken she will fall under this zone and may have to be evacuated, even though the move itself might cause a real risk for her already fragile condition.
The government has now increased the maximum radiation level in foods in order to prevent a shortage in food. They have stated that their original safety level was “too conservative” and have assured people that the new level will not cause any health risks. Nonetheless, anxiety has spread! I believe with this stress, circulating among the Japanese, it is of paramount importance that we show them that they are not alone in their struggle and have sympathy and support, home and abroad.
This is why I am so encouraged to find out that many countries around the world are making a real effort to support Japan.