2012 ART ACTION UK respite residency artist announced

2012年度のArt Action 主催 のUKアーチストレジデンシーには

Kaya, Hanasaki has been awarded 2012 ARt Action. Respite Residency in UK, supported by ACG


Hanasaki  was born in Japan,1987. MA Tokyo National Univ. of Fine Arts and Music. Hanasaki’s art practice is both performative and  installational. She deals with difficult socio political issues without compromise. Hanasaki has been active in raising questions about the issues of the Nuclear Disaster in Tohoku, coordinating Symposium “10months after 3.11”. We are hoping Hanasaki might be able to inform UK audience about this difficult issue through young Japanese artist perspectives while she is in UK having short respite from ongoing problems in Japan.