Art Action 2013 Artist

Art Action UK 2013 Residency Artist Hikaru Fujii is in action

Artist filmmaker, Fujii started to film in the stricken area soon after the disaster in 2011. Since then, he has been documenting the local situations as it shifted from the initial human responses against the background of such an unthinkable catastrophe to the slow process of facing the reality which has changed unequivocally and yet with no definitive hope for the future.

Born in Tokyo, Fujii Studied at ENSAD and obtained DEA from Universite de Paris 8. He has worked with visual media addressing social and political situations in Japan.  

Fujii has been welcomed into the studio complex at
Departure in Limehouse, London
Attending a conference at Art Catalyst, London, Nuclear Culture on Film, curated by Ele Carpente.

Fujii also visited Univeristy of York St. John for screening of his work. During his stay in York he has also visited York Hospital's Art Department to research the way art was used on various level in health care in view communicate his findings to the affected areas.