Art Action UK would like to announce the 2015 residency project:

To Tell a (hi)Story
By Yoi Kawakubo
16th – 30th May 2015

To Tell a (hi)Story is an exhibition accompanied by workshops and discussion events.
Location:  Husk Gallery, 649-651 Commercial Road, Limehouse, London, E14 7LW 

Art Action UK is honoured to present the 2015 artist-in-residence, Yoi Kawakubo.

When the mist takes off the suns, 2014 © Yoi Kawakubo

Kawakubo buried a photographic film in the ground in an area of the Fukushima exclusion zone.
When the mist takes off the suns features the subsequent radiation exposure on the film.

Following the earthquake and nuclear meltdown in East Japan in 2011, Kawakubo has created work in Fukushima that focuses on the limits of photographic representation.  He asks us to carefully re-examine our immediate visual perceptions and to reflect on the ominous histories beneath the aesthetic beauty of his work.

To Tell a (hi)Story includes photographic, sound and text works along with an installation.  Kawakubo’s artworks respond to ongoing social issues following the nuclear meltdown in East Japan.   His personal and philosophical reflections on the disaster ask us not only to empathise, but to deeply consider the global implications of the nuclear meltdown.

Drawing from Greek mythology, Kawakubo looks at the way in which we construct knowledge.   He highlights the contingency of nuclear energy, understanding it as a future emergency that has already begun, the effects of which are beyond our comprehension.  Ultimately, Kawakubo is questioning our perception of history; how it can be fabricated, manipulated and contextualized to either undermine or bolster given power structures. 

16th               Gallery open to public                 2-5pm
21st                Private View                                  6-9pm,
23rd              Workshop                                       2-5pm
28th              The Japan Foundation                 6:30-8:30pm
                        Discussion Event
30th              Talk                                                  7-9pm

Gallery Open Tuesday- Saturday                    2-5pm
Closed on Sunday/ Monday

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