Kaya Hanasaki published images she has collected during her Respite Residency 2012

Kaya Hanasaki's Protraits with Mask Project

This is ongoing project in which Hanasaki involves audience to experience wearing a protective mask, which in Japan became mundane object to provide protection from Radio Active articles in the air after the Nuclear Fall Out Disaster in Fukushima 2011.

The mask not only functions as a physical protective gear, but also it is increasingly becoming a contentious item, dividing population, depending on the political perspectives. If you trust Government safety guideline, there should be no need to wear it, but if you mis-trust Government Safety standard, you might wear them. This item is becoming an issue to divide communities, as well as families.

The idea of Hanasaki's project is to ask as many people as possible to wear the mask and imagine the current circumstance in Japan where normal citizens have to consider risk factors and pro and cons, in relation to the most basic of human activity- BREATHING.